5 Uses of Lasers in the Healthcare Industry

5 Uses of Lasers in the Healthcare Industry

Chances are, you are familiar with the use of lasers within the medical field—even if you have never actually had any laser procedures done yourself. At the very least, you probably know someone who has had LASIK surgery. You may also have seen advertisements or heard commercials for facilities offering cosmetic procedures—like acne removal or […]

Lasers and Cosmetic Surgery

Lasers and Cosmetic Surgery

In many ways, cosmetic surgery gets a bad rap. Many of us tend to think of cosmetic surgery as a way for Hollywood stars and starlets to get the youthful faces and svelte bodies they need to grace tabloid covers—but of course, there is much more to cosmetic surgery than just that. Cosmetic surgery is […]

5 Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

5 Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

The Laser Outlet is a company that repairs, refurbishes, and recertifies lasers, particularly the lasers that are used by doctors and medical professionals. Of course, within the medical profession, lasers are used for a variety of purposes. They are useful in surgery, in diagnosis, and beyond. And then, of course, there are the myriad uses […]

  • 5 Uses of Lasers in the Healthcare Industry
  • Lasers and Cosmetic Surgery
  • 5 Common Myths About Cosmetic Surgery

Laser Outlet: Repairing and Recertifying Medical Lasers

Laser OutletLasers are coming to play an increasingly important role within the medical community—and as they gain in prevalence, more and more medical professionals are turning to the services offered by Laser Outlet. Laser Outlet is a company that seeks to repair, refurbish, and recertify the lasers used by members of the medical profession. The company is effectively changing the very dynamic of the medical laser industry.

Unfortunately, there is a major need for this kind of shake-up. The simple fact is that the companies that manufacture these lasers do not always act in the best interests of medical caregivers. In the paragraphs to come, we will speak a little bit more about the problems that exist, and about what this company is doing to fix them. We will also talk more about the specific services rendered by this company, and about the man who currently leads it.

Lasers, Medicine, and Cosmetic

Let’s start at the beginning. Lasers play a critically important role in the medical profession. They offer levels of precision that human hands simply cannot match, and as such they are useful for surgeries, for rehabilitation, and for the removal of tumors and skin growths. Additionally, lasers are used to map the most intricate and complex areas of the human body—such as the eye.

And all of that is to say nothing of the role that lasers play in cosmetic surgery. We all know about laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and laser wrinkle therapy. On top of that, lasers are used for facial procedures, for breast augmentations, and more. Some of these procedures are strictly cosmetic, and others are rooted in real medical needs; in all of them, lasers are indispensible.

In other words, doctors are coming more and more to depend on laser technology—but a lot of doctors are not totally clear on the procedures involved with laser repairs and maintenance. This is because, quite frankly, a lot of laser manufacturers do not tell the whole truth. They suggest that laser repair is so costly that doctors are better off simply buying new lasers—when in reality, there are ways to repair lasers very cost-effectively—like, through Laser Outlet.

What the Company Does

And that brings us back to this important company, which repairs and refurbishes lasers used within the medical community. The company also recertifies these lasers—ensuring that they are safe for doctors and medical caregivers to use. The benefits of having a laser repaired by Laser Outlet are vast. Most clients end up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars; additionally, there is a fast turnaround time, as the company understands how crucial it is for doctors to receive use of their lasers as immediately as possible.

Here is another big reason to use this company for laser repair needs: Because many of the big laser manufacturers actually use Laser Outlet as a vendor. In other words, when you send a laser to your manufacturer for repair, there is a good chance that the manufacturer is simply sending if off to this company, then marking up the price! It is prudent to save the time and the money and just go directly to this company yourself.

And indeed, the list of services that this company can provide is quite extensive. It includes all of the following items:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Routine laser care
  • Emergency service calls
  • Parts—including power supplies, laser heads, and more
  • Accessories—including protective eyewear
  • Buying and selling of pre-owned laser equipment
  • Power supply and pump chamber rebuild
  • Laser calibration

And for those who simply wish to purchase pro-owned, refurbished lasers, the company provides them, from all major manufacturers; the products offered include the lasers used for:

  • Hair removal
  • Laser liposuction
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Stretch mark removal
  • Scar removal
  • Skin tightening
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Acne treatment
  • Leg and facial veins
  • Tattoo removal

The company happily services all major manufacturers. On top of that, the company ships to any of the 50 states, and its services are available internationally, as well. The long and short of it is that this is a company that is able to provide medical professionals with the cost-effective laser maintenance services they need.

Laser Outlet: About the CEO

Now we have covered many of the specifics of the company—and so we turn our attention to its CEO. The company is led by a man named Sam Lehrer. Lehrer is passionate about working within the healthcare industry, and his background in laser technology is unassailable. Here are a few quick facts about Sam Lehrer:

  • He was born in New York, but spent a sold chunk of his childhood in Mexico; he is fluent in four languages, including Spanish, English, Hebrew, and Portuguese.
  • He graduated from the University of Florida, in 1993; before that, he graduated from the Dale Carnegie Institute in 1989.
  • His hobbies include tennis, polo, boating, and piloting planes.
  • He has an extensive background in medical sales—a background that includes numerous, prestigious awards.
  • He is a passionate advocate and fundraiser for an organization called The Little Yellow School House, which provides educational services and counseling for kids who come from dysfunctional families.

On top of all of that, Sam Lehrer is passionate in his advocacy for those who have cystic fibrosis. He has participated in numerous fundraisers, drawing money for ongoing research into potential treatments and cures. This is good and important work, because cystic fibrosis is such a devastating disease: It is both the most common, and the most lethal, of all genetic disorders affecting Caucasian Americans.

Excellence in Medical Laser Services

The bottom line here is simply that the medical profession is dependent on access to the latest and greatest laser technologies—and a company called Laser Outlet is proud to provide those technologies, conveniently and affordably. For any medical professional who wishes to obtain a laser, from a major manufacturer, at a discounted rate, this company sells them. More to the point, it offers superior services in laser maintenance and repair—including preventative maintenance and more. Laser Outlet is proud to serve the medical community by providing it with the technologies it needs to keep patients healthy and well.

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